The 9th international conference on protein kinase CK2 has been postponed to a later date as a result of the COVID-19 emergency.

A new tentative date will be proposed as soon as possible.

Conference organization committee Scientific committee
Carles Arús (Barcelona, Spain)
Khalil Ahmed (Minneapolis, USA)
Ana Paula Candiota (Barcelona, Spain)
Claude Cochet (Grenoble, France)
Emilio Itarte (Barcelona, Spain)
Emilio Itarte (Barcelona, Spain)
Maria Ruzzene (Padova, Italy)
David Litchfield (London, Canada)
Christian Borgo (Padova, Italy)
Mathias Montenarh (Homburg, Germany)
Luca Cesaro (Padova, Italy)
Karsten Niefind (Köln, Germany)
Lorenzo A. Pinna (Padova, Italy)

Maria Ruzzene (Padova, Italy)

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